The unkraut kollektiv

Meet the Unkraut Kollektiv the driving force behind our mission. Together we are a dedicated team committed to fostering unity, diversity, and positive change. Our diverse group of individuals brings a wealth of talent, passion, and expertise to every initiative, working collaboratively to shape a community that reflects our values and aspi- rations. Get to know the faces behind the mission, and join us on this journey towards a more inclusive and vibrant future.


Co-ounder & designer of the unkraut

Juan es el pilar creativo de Unkraut, fusionando su expertise en diseño industrial con un compromiso por el impacto social positivo. Su visión ha llevado a Unkraut más allá de la sostenibilidad ambiental, abrazando también la responsabilidad social y la expresión cultural.

Con una trayectoria de más de doce años en proyectos de interiorismo y eventos culturales, Juan ha sido fundamental en incorporar las artes visuales y el registro audiovisual como medios de expresión y narrativa en el proyecto. Su dedicación no solo ha dado forma a la estética de Unkraut, sino que ha fortalecido su presencia como un espacio para la integración social con diferentes disciplinas y artistas


Co founder of the unkraut

Dani is co founder of the Unkraut, and has been part of the collective since the very beginning, also haven taken part in its conception.

Professionally Dani is a doctor that dedicates his time helping people, primarily families and their children at his practice. He became involved with the Unkraut for the similar reason of wanting to reach out to marginalized people and communities and offer support by getting them involved in our platform. Since the very beginning of his involvement he has been a pillar in materializing and pushing the social aspect of the Unkraut.


Legal administrator

Clara is the legal brain within the Unkraut collective. When it comes to questions of association law or finding your way through the jungle of bureaucracy, she is the person in charge. She has been onboard since 2021 and assisted the whole procedure of achieving the nonprofit status.

After finishing her second law degree, Clara is usually working in the field of refugee and migrant protection. In the past, she worked with several NGOs in the field and is currently employed at a migration law firm. Besides that, she loves to support social society engagement and cultural organisations as well as creative souls through their way through the sometimes serious and dry topic of law.


head of design & partnership operational manager

Spearheading the design implementation, strategy and channels of communication is Malen. She is in charge of the strategic framework of logistics, especially in finding collaborative partnerships for the Unkraut. Overall, Malen works in integrating the look and feel of the Unkraut Brand in design and business, whilst developing and pushing forward the brand towards new horizons

Working with Communications Design, Art Direction and Digital Design she has experience in a plethora of sectors. This has merged into a position that combines all her expertise and helps steer her towards develop- ing new projects with the collective. Lately, Malen is most passionate about the new partnerhships being forged in Berlin that focus on uplifting minorities in the community.