The Dreamsplatform Initiative

The Dreamsplatform, made possible through the generous donation from the VielRespekt Stiftung, stands as a beacon of our commitment to fostering positive change.

With the support of their donation, we are thrilled to host a series of 25 events during our summer season, each event aligning with our core value pillars of diversity, respect, inclusion, and the celebration of music, arts, and culture.

This initiative represents a shared dream to create a space where diverse voices thrive, and our community is united through the transformative power of shared experiences.


submit your project idea

Submitting your project idea to the Dreamsplatform is your opportunity to contribute to our shared vision of unity, diversity, and inclusion.

We welcome and encourage creative proposals that align with our values, whether they celebrate diverse perspectives, promote respectful dialogue, or showcase the richness of music, arts, and culture.


wait until you are approved

While waiting for your project idea to be approved, rest assured that our team is diligently reviewing each submission to ensure it aligns seamlessly with our mission and values.

We appreciate your patience and share in the anticipation of bringing transformative and impactful events to life on the Dreamsplatform.


host your event

Once your project is approved, the Dreamsplatform opens its arms to support your initiative every step of the way.

From collaborative planning to dedicated promotion on our social media channels, we work closely with you to ensure the success of your event.